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Nizami lived in Seljuk empire, in the Azerbaijani Atabek condition – a Turkic-ruled and Turkic-dominated, especially in his metropolis, state, while Iran did not exist and was break up into quite a few states, such as Turkic-dominated – and almost all of it under the domain of Seljuks and other Turkic people. Consequently, Nizami whilst currently being a Persian-language poet and contributing to Persian poetry and currently being amongst the best this sort of agent, was neither Persian nor Iranian.

فالفرس أمة حد بلادها الجبال من الماهات وغيرها وآذربيجان إلى ما يلي بلاد أرمينية وأران والبيلقان إلى دربند وهو الباب والأبواب والري وطبرستن والمسقط والشابران وجرجان وابرشهر، وهي نيسابور، وهراة ومرو وغير ذلك من بلاد خراسان وسجستان وكرمان وفارس والأهواز، وما اتصل بذلك من أرض الأعاجم في هذا الوقت وكل هذه البلاد كانت مملكة واحدة ملكها ملك واحد ولسانها واحد، إلا أنهم كانوا يتباينون في شيء يسير من اللغات وذلك أن اللغة إنما تكون واحدة بأن تكون حروفها التي تكتب واحدة وتأليف حروفها تأليف واحد، وإن اختلفت بعد ذلك في سائر الأشياء الأخر كالفهلوية والدرية والآذرية وغيرها من لغات الفرس.

The precise origins of the money Baguirov obtained are unfamiliar, concealed driving secretive shell corporations. But there is enough proof the authoritarian nation’s ruling elite is at the rear of it.

ten) Mr. Doostzadeh goes on to make far more baseless and groundless assertions: “Neither did the development of an Azarbaijani ethnic team exist. There is just not just one poetic manuscript of this language within the caucus prior to the Ilkhanid mongol invasion, very long following Nizami”

At about ten:fifteen final evening, I fired off an e mail to a whole checklist of individuals, the superintendent, the board law firm, the board, a few on the incoming board members (I didn’t have Rev. Harris’ electronic mail), the directors of the BOE, the county prosecutors, The top on the Dayton Education and learning Affiliation, a State Rep who I rely on, and I even integrated Jeremy Kelley of the Dayton Working day-Previous News- who failed to at any time mention my investigation of Baguirov in his report about Baguirov’s planned run to the 40th.

two) I did not incorrectly put Nizamis dates. These are manipulated by various end users eventually. Professionals remain not a hundred% certain about the exact dates of all them.

To sum-up, any one find this deleting any info is in essence vandalizing the site and Wikipedia’s guidelines on vandalizing of web pages must apply. Only falsifications and issues must be deleted, not goal specifics and truth.

fifteen) I don’t care what search results from Google will generate vis-à-vis Shirin – I’ve now stated really clearly that she couldn't are Armenian, and was Obviously Azerbaijani (Arrani) Turk. And her title in Azerbaijani, contrary to in Armenian, also signifies “sweet” equally as in Persian. By way of example, Armenian (!) qualified on Nizami, M.Shaginyan dismissed the mistaken assumption of Shirin becoming Armenian – I hold the website page from her e-book scanned, just in the event an individual doesn’t consider. How inadequately educated just one should be to say that Shirin was Armenian if she just travelled (i.e, not lived!) to Armenia, a geographic thought to begin with as there was no impartial Armenia possibly in Nizami's time or in Khosrov time.

If Afagh was the identify of Nizami's spouse, then without a doubt the poet would have pop over to these guys resevations utilizing these phrases and without a doubt some the above mentioned verses can be lewd. For example In the event your wifes title is YY, You then not contact another person the king of kings of YY. That's why Claimed Nafisi's intrepretation is correct. All over the Panj-Ganj the phrase Afagh continues to be Employed in its correct that means horizon (about forty instances).

By midday, Kelley experienced printed a story that Baguirov experienced resigned. Upcoming issue is that the University board is sending out notifications that they are pushing their up coming Conference out from the 14th on the 21st. Naturally, they must fill the seat With all the top vote getter Harris.

four) Fourthly Nizami employs Perso-arabic script. Not Azarbaijani script. And he doesn't say naharand, but he states nakharand. I can browse the original Persian script and so be sure to tend not to publish Untrue statements. You were not there to here Nizami pronouncing. Persian has kh and Nizami has written kh. If some a person very well verses within a language, he would pronounce it similar to the speakers of that language!

That’s simply because there was no “Azerbaijani bias” in Soviet scholarship – only Armenians and people ideologically motivated Persian chauvinists can claim this kind of absurd and comical assertion – to cover up their on bias and favoritism by some Soviet and Western scholars or writers.

Needless to say, China, was intended as excellent geographic concept, which it indeed was, as frequently there was no unified go to these guys China but it absolutely was break up into rival territories beneath the rule of various dynasties, and if Nizami would have meant ethnic Chinese he would have penned “Han [Chinese]” or “Mandarin” or else.

Also due to the fact he doesn't have a ample understanding of the Persian language, and he isn't a scholar of Persian litearture, his polemic cannot be A part of the references. Else I have some polemic performs (or could get use of it) by an Armenian/Iranian/Russian authors and I also can Collect all of the textual content in this article thus far, and make a polemic work.

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